Workun Garrick

Camilla School

Education Sustainable

Camilla School Replacement is a Grade K – 9 facility with opening day capacity (with modular Classrooms) set at 600 students. The building  opened with 4,849 m2 total permanent space, and  4 modular classrooms.

The design maintained focus on the five Pillars of the Camilla School Vision:
 Everybody Belongs
 Love of Reading
 Connection to Outdoors
 Educate for a Sustainable Future
 Community Hub

Key features of the Design were transparency, inclusivity, connection to the natural surrounding environment and a strong focus on Daylighting for Learning. The architectural design of the facade is contemporary, combining sloped and horizontal lines with window systems and natural toned facade materials. Sloped roofs are provided as a direct response to School Board Trustee requests. The sloped roofs rise from the south and west and harvest solar energy from the Alberta Education funded Solar PV arrays.

Highlights include a  high-volume Flex / Gathering Space accessed directly from the school’s main entrance, fully glazed library, maker spaces, and elementary breakout spaces around a mini replica of the original Camilla school complete with salvaged brick. The  Junior high wing provides a CTS Woods Suite, Science Labs, Learning Commons, Music Labs and a Food Classroom.