Workun Garrick

Chateh Community School, Assumption, AB

Education First Nations

Assumption is approximately 100 km south of the Alberta-NWT border. The school is designed to accommodate kindergarten to grade 12 students, with a total capacity of 406 students. The school’s concept evolved from a study of culturally significant aspects of the Dene Tha’ First Nation. Traditional “hut” type / radial habitation patterns and studies of cultural symbolism were combined to suggest a balanced development of existence, cultural definition and spirituality. The school is also designed to act as the centre for community activity. Hot lunch programs are available to the community from the new cafeteria. A new Health Centre will provide space for dental and medical examinations. These spaces, as well as the cultural centre, gymnasium, student gathering area and library are readily accessible for public use and easily secured from the academic spaces.

AWARD: Best New School Facility
2006, Council of Educational Facility Planners International, Alberta and International Chapters.

AWARD: Alberta’s Top Projects
2002, Alberta Construction Magazine