Workun Garrick

Grande Cache Community High School Modernization


The goal of the project was to provide a comprehensive modernization of Grande Cache Community High School to address current educational requirements, increase functionality and improve health, safety and accessibility concerns. The existing school facility had no identifiable
front entrance, provided no separation between students in grades K-6 that were enrolled in the SonRise Christian School program from students in grades 9-12, that were part of the high school, and had no classrooms with views to the exterior, despite being located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. In addition, the Public Library was contained within the existing school library, which required the public to enter the school to access the Library, which posed potential safety concerns. Ultimately the project provided a unified building that allowed for the three (3) partners using the facility to each have an identifiable presence within a unified facility that would meet the educational needs of students and the community at large for years to come.

AWARD: Honorable Mention in the Modernization Category at the 2019 Association For Learning Environments (A4LE), Alberta Chapter Awards.